About Me

My Background


When I was in preschool, my favorite time of day was when I was allowed to draw and paint. As I got older, this love never faded and eventually I  stated making Arts and Crafts for my Family and Friends. Including Wreaths, Gourds and Birdhouses.

My Medium


I use many different mediums in my Arts and Crafts, such as clay, acrylics,  pastels, oils, wood, gourds, fabric and beads. I believe that working in a multiple mediums is adds to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style. Weather it's  Gourds, Wreaths, Birdhouses or some other project.

My Inspiration


I enjoy hiking in my spare time and many of my pieces are directly influenced by these hikes in nature. I love recreating plants and wildlife in my Arts and Crafts and making beautiful additions for homes.

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